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Welcome to the official website of the Lord Rutherford Memorial Hall!

A non profit organisation with the vision of restoring the hall to its former glory.

Foxhill school sketch

At its heart, the Rutherford Memorial Hall was once Foxhill School and looked like this. It opened in May 1880.

Ernest Rutherford as a child

Ernest Rutherford’s teacher, Harry Ladley first noticed Ernest’s interest in mathematics and science and encouraged the boy with extra homework.


These floor plans show the footprint of the original 1880 school and 1895 extension plans. (Nelson Provincial Museum).

It is this building which, in 1937 became the Rutherford Memorial Hall and the Foxhill Hall Association Incorporated was formed to manage it. In 2012, to confirm the identity of the Association to the hall, the name was changed to Rutherford Memorial Hall (Foxhill) Association Incorporated.

The buildings’ significance as a “Rutherford Site” is acknowledged in roadside display in front of the hall, as well as on where a fuller story of Ernest Rutherford and his contribution to science can be found.

Ernest Rutherford's Primary School Roadside Display
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