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Foxhill School – Ernest Rutherford’s First Primary School…

Foxhill School – Ernest Rutherford’s first primary school…

These plans show the school in its heyday. Deposited at the Nelson Provincial Museum, Isel Park, Stoke and a treasure to find, they show the original building and the plans for the add-ons. But but there is also a floorplan of the original school, which Rutherford attended, and establishes the pedigree of the Hall building as an important site in the story of Rutherford.

Looking across to where the family home existed, brings to mind a young Rutherford crossing a quiet country road to join his classmates. Where, just another lad,  teacher Harry Ladley (known for his robust discipline), sparked an intelligence. The rest, asErnest Rutherford as a child they say, is history.  These are great stories of inspiration and confirmation of potential, to be discovered in every child. Read more about his life in Dr John Campbell’s excellent biography “Rutherford Scientist Supreme” available from It’s a great read.


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