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Hall Tales

Hall Tales

Hall Tales…It’s often said, ‘if only these walls could speak”, and this is true of our lovely old hall. For all its historical significance, the hall has featured in the lives of many over the years.  Dances,  engagement parties, weddings, and a funeral, have all happened within its walls.

If you have a story to share about good times, stories you’ve heard from your family, “Gran and Grandapa met at the Foxhill Hall”, as it was known, (our  hall was renowned for its dances back in the day… )”that’s where I met my wife”. Share them on Facebook, we’d love to hear your hall tales.

Times change and we’re working to bring the hall back into community life. Community treasures are housed here…Wouldn’t it be great to fill it full of life again. Send your tales to us and we’ll share them in the blog, photos too if you have them.

Or just post on our Facebook page – nothing like a stroll down memory (Memorial) lane.  This photo from our Roll of Honour Memorial service held in September, 2014, see “Lest We forget”.   More on the treasures housed next week.


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  1. Erica!
    How lovely to hear from you. Yes – I will be in touch re the ceramic display and everything else that has passed us by in the interim years by joves –
    The ceramic tiles were steered by our esteemed Trass Valley potter Meg Latham.
    I do hope some people come forth and claim their fame with their tile.
    Pam XX

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