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Lest We Forget – WW1 Roll Of Honour Housed In Hall

Lest We Forget – WW1 Roll of Honour housed in Hall

Today, 12 October, 2017, New Zealanders honour their fallen, remembering  a battle of horrendous proportions and consequences, inflicted at Passchendaele, Belgium.  To those whose ancestral ties link back by blood, remembering the loss of more than 800 soldiers is not a memory of strangers, but of  family. It was the worst of battles, but not the only one, and in all communities where names are listed, as we observe the Centennial of WW1, the impact was cruel.

The Hall Association, driven by the energy of Mrs Helen Pullan, held  a Memorial Service on 7 September, 2014, to honour those listed on the WW1 Roll of Honour, previously housed in a local church. It was one of the first services.   A solemn occaision, it brought to mind the loss of young men to the fate of war. The photos give an insight into the respectful attendance of local people, including the Wakefield Volunteer Firebrigade, who arrived aboard the fire engine.   Over three years later, with Passchendaele in focus, it is possible now to understand how long the war continued.

The beautiful Roll of Honour, does justice to the memories of those listed,  once  part of this small community,  a century ago. We were, and are, honoured to have hosted this event and to keep their memory alive.

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