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We Love Rutherford Memorial Hall

We Love Rutherford Memorial Hall

…as do a lot of people. The Rutherford Memorial Hall (Foxhill) Assn Inc, is administered by a committee all of whom love the building and its place in our history and locality.  Pictured are the current committee at a meeting, which gives you an idea what a keen bunch we are.  We Hall Committeeheld a Working Bee in April, for a great community cleanup and left the place looking cared for. Hall surrounds tidied and windows washed. Several new members came aboard at this time. The tennis courts got a clean up too, and all the garden area weeded.  Then we all had a cuppa and a natter and went home feeling satisfied we’d done our bit…until next time. If you live in Wakefield, Wai-iti, Foxhill or Belgrove and this catches your eye – think about joining us next time the flyer, usually in March, hits your letterbox for our next “Great Community Cleanup”

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