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New Dudes Good Dudes

New Dudes Good Dudes

Adrian Humpries, Secretary

It is with pleasure we indroduce the new committee members who have stepped forward to fill the roles needed to function as an Association. The role of Secretary-Treasurer has now been split into two postitions, which makes for an efficient business model as we head into the fundraising stage.  So without further ado  dada… President, Steve Markham, Secretary Adrian Humphries, Treasurer, Lanessa White and Sue White heads the ‘front of house’ as our Bookings Officer.  It’s a key role as Sue will be the first point of contact for anyone wishing to hire the hall. She loves people and is keen to see the uptake on bookings, and for starters the family are hiring the hall in support of a family wedding in January. The new energy that comes with a change of Management, is nowhere better felt than in a voluntary, not for profit organisation.  Without fresh input, the Association will die and with it, all the history and hopes of our community.  It would be very strange not to have the hall, despite its needing a paint and etc. We are at that point where we can take a visual leap forward. Seeing the hall fresh and relevant as well as significant to the historical connection with Ernest Lord Rutherford will be a great arrival point at the connection of dots between Birthplace, Brightwater, first School, Foxhill and the connection with Rutherford’s Den in Christchurch.  So much has been achieved from the efforts of so many and  the arrival of another bunch of good folk taking up the challenge of advancing the hall’s future, is heartening and hopeful for us to achieve whatever is needed to make it a lively and alive community and historical space.

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