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Ratatatat! Who Is That Behind The Blog And The FB Chat?

Ratatatat! who is that behind the blog and the FB chat?

Brave face but showing wrinkles of time…

Hello, thought it time I introduced myself. My name is Erica and I’m the Communications and Website person for the Association. My task- to cast the web wide and create our online community. Many of you have had direct connections with our “Dowager hall” from the years the school was open. Since then, she’s missed the TLC from her community and now we have the chance to bring her back to life with old and new friends both local and worldwide. Which is why we need YOU, to become followers on Facebook, to build our profile for “Project Fresh Paint” We need to get her a makeover asap – the pictures show maintenance long delayed.   Community minded? Follow us.  I’ll gladly keep you informed and entertained.

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