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Remember This?

Remember this?

If you were a junior pupil at Foxhill School in 1999, one of these beautiful ceramic images, is likely to be yours.

The ceramic pictures were created and displayed at the school before it closed in 2001.  They then came to the hall for posterity, another community taonga housed in the hall.  You’ll also remember Pam Stack, who shaped so many lives in the confidence she instilled in her juniors and who helped them create this lasting and joyful work.  We’re proud to have it on the wall, it is a lovely thing to behold.

If you recognise any of the pictures or were one of the children whose contribution is here, (and you’ll be in your mid twenties by now) share the story of how it was made. It has been lost and would be lovely to know. It has a special significance because it was from the school which was the catchment for the hall.  So many memories …share them on FaceBook – please!

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