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New Year-New Opportunities “Operation Fresh Paint” & A Nod To Bob…

New Year-New Opportunities “Operation Fresh Paint” & A Nod to Bob…

Firstly, very best wishes to all our followers for the year ahead and thankyou heartily, for your support and interest in 2017. This year is a hopeful one as we move into seeking funding for the repair and repaint of the hall building. Our fundraising will be based on crowd funding initiatives, (hence the need to build our followers on Facebook) and other revenue  sources yet to be explored.  We’ve got a name for the project “Operation Fresh Paint” and as things roll out, follow , do the “Pied Piper” and invite all your friends and family and enjoy seeing things unfold.  Ever the optimist, by reckoning, if we asked 100,000 people to donate $1 we’ll have it in no time.  First step, the 100,000 supporters… And so – to quote Bob –   “Can we  fix  it ?” YES WE CAN!!

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