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In 1961 alterations and additions modified the roof and extended the building to its current size, the addition of a kitchen and library at the back. The outline of the original building is, however, still visible in the floor of the current hall.

To the right is a picture of how the building looks today – tidy but tired.

Lord Rutherford Hall

In recent years the Hall Committee has overseen:

New toilets 2001

The building of interior toilets (2001)

Upgrade power supply

The installation of 3-phase power (2014)

Heat pump installed

The installation of a heat pump (2008)

Upgraded kitchen

Kitchen upgrade (2014)

Further Work Schedule:

We’ve made good progress on the Rutherford Memorial Hall. But, there’s still a lot we’d like to do to create a well supported, community asset, sustaining the heritage and association with “Ernest Lord Rutherford Scientist Supreme”.

Further work scheduled includes repairs in preparation for painting inside and out,  a roof paint and new water tank.

Interior work includes, an upgrade of ceiling and lights, new stage doors, gib-board lined stage cupboard and a repaint throughout.

As Rutherford himself said, “We haven’t the money so we’ve got to think”.
This website is part of our thinking. We hope you’ll join us and contribute to the connection with a man who demonstrated the “can do” attitude.

We can do, too. Will you help us?

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